Generation Gap in College Majors: Biz-Shift Is Solution

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A recent analysis of LinkedIn profiles revealed yet another difference between millennials and their baby boomer counterparts: their college major. While baby boomers are more likely to have majored in the liberal arts, particularly in education, millennials are more likely to have majored in a specific business or technology related degree.

How do you think this affects the workplace? While millennials may have more in-depth, specified knowledge, do you think they lack the broad, foundational critical thinking skills of the baby boomers? At the very least, education affects an individual’s communication style, and the difference in educational background between millennials and baby boomers may be contributing to the generation gap in the workplace.

Biz-Shift is aiming to close that generation gap in the workplace by bringing together business professionals of all backgrounds, from a millennial computer science major to a baby boomer accounting major. Join us on November 6th at the Newport as we address our differences and re-invent our strategy!


Read the story here.


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