Biz-Shift Group Presentation Success

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Last Thursday, July 10th, Biz-Shift’s CEO and President Carlos Pundik gave a packed room of real estate brokers at Optimar International Realty a taste of the Biz-Shift experience, and it was a great start of the day for everyone involved! The Biz-Shift team loved coming out and starting the discussion of multi-generational awareness and collaboration, and the audience had their questions about coaching and the business application of Biz-Shift answered right on the spot. One lucky member even won a free ticket to Biz-Shift through an end-of-the presentation raffle!

biz-shift presentation

We had several people come up to us afterwards and say that “Biz-Shift is really needed in the workplace today” and that while they had heard of other business workshops, not one addressed the “real issue” of multi-generational communication. We were able to register those committed to re-inventing their business strategy after the presentation as well. The enthusiastic welcome we received from Optimar International Realty was both inspiring and appreciated, and Biz-Shift hopes to continue presenting before groups of business professionals to spread the message.

Do you know a company or business who would be interested in having Biz-Shift’s CEO and President Carlos Pundik presenting before a group of employees? The presentations generally last between 10-30 minutes. Please email us at to coordinate a date and time or to receive more information.


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