In-Depth Interview with CEO and President Carlos Pundik, MCC

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While Biz-Shift’s CEO and President Carlos Pundik’s resumé and professional bio are impressive on their own, his unique vision is what differentiates him from other professional coaches. His coaching style is marked by enthusiasm and inspired by his love of life and people, as evident in the following interview. We’ll let his words speak for themselves.



What inspired you to go into coaching?

I did a couple of personal development programs when I was a young adult, and they inspired me. I learned a lot about myself. I also realized I love to make a difference with people—to see them happy, positive, and living their future now.

These personal development programs made me focus internally, to figure out what made me tick. I really believe that you have to know yourself well before you can go out and make a difference with people. You have to learn how to “walk the talk,” otherwise you will lose credibility in your clients’ eyes.

How did you train to become a coach?

I started off at Coach University, and I was in one of the first graduating classes. I learned the basics of coaching; it was like boot camp. I had to practice the modules that I learned in class so I practiced with friends and family. In coaching, you have to get beyond yourself and put the attention on others.

My very first client was my next-door neighbor, a single woman with kids. She was unemployed, and I noticed she was struggling. I offered my coaching services to her for free. Soon after, she got a job with Chase Bank. About a year later, I received a call from Chase Bank’s human resource department in Tampa, and based on my first client’s recommendation, I was chosen to lead their new coaching program. It was an interesting transition: going from working for free to working with a large company. It just affirmed my belief that if you give more than you take, it will come back to you ten fold. That one recommendation launched my entire career.

From there I grew, and landed other clients, from word of mouth and recommendations from people that were in my programs to get coaching work with other companies. I have also worked internationally in Peru, England, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Venezuela. It used to be, 10 – 15 years ago people would ask “do you have a coach?”—now people ask “who’s your coach?” It’s become a recognized profession in the world. I continue my standing membership with the International Coach Federation, ICF, I am an original member of Coachville USA, and hold a Master Certified Coach (MCC) certification from George Mason University. This is the highest certification currently available in the coaching profession.

In your over 20 years of coaching, what experience best illustrates the business benefits of coaching?

I worked with a company in Jamaica that was struggling in the sales department. While the sales teams met their numbers every year, they were never able to take their numbers to the next level. The company hired me for six months, and I coached their sales teams on distinctions that created openings for opportunities and to be more effective in communication.

I instructed each sales manager to create their own project, with the challenge to make it bigger than themselves and to double their current individual sales. They had six weeks to implement the project. After the six weeks, the managers came together and reported their results. Some sales managers doubled their sales, but even more were able to triple their sales.

As human beings, we become automatic. We do the same things over and over again, and we don’t think about changing our strategy to achieve new results. We have to create new ways to approach business that allows for breakthroughs to show up. The company I worked with had a 70% increase in sales from the prior three years.

What inspired Biz-Shift?

Biz-Shift was born over a lunch conversation with fellow coach Rita, as we were discussing how to work together to impact the business world. How can we make a transformation? Later, in a conversation with one of my sons, I realized he had a totally different idea of what needed to happen. We started discussing generational differences and that led me to research generational issues in the workplace.

I read Diane Spiegel’s The Gen Y Handbook, and it confirmed what I had researched. People were talking about the generation gap, but no one was implementing a program to close it. I also conducted my own research through online surveys and received a lot of great responses. Nobody was getting any coaching or personal development in how to work in a multigenerational work environment to bridge the gap. Bingo! Biz-Shift was created to be the solution.

What specific qualities and skills are you going to bring to Biz-Shift?

I have over 20 years of experience, working internationally with different cultures, from individuals–like my rock star son Jordan Pundik [frontman of New Found Glory]–to large companies–like Pepsi Americas. My coaching niche is in transforming company cultures. I worked in Caracas, Venezuela with a communication company to mediate between company representatives and union leaders. They had not signed a contract in several years. After spending six hours behind closed doors mediating between the two groups, they were able to reach an agreement to settle their differences. We brought peace and harmony to the workplace, which is one of my many commitments in coaching the participants of Biz-Shift.


Few can claim the breadth and depth of Biz-Shift’s CEO and President Carlos Pundik, MCC’s experience in coaching. For over 20 years, he has been perfecting his results-oriented coaching techniques, and for the price of $99 you will receive not only his guidance but the guidance of fellow coaches Rita Steinfeld-Regev and Allyn C. Goldstein. Biz-Shift is the opportunity you have been waiting for to transform your business strategy to work for the 21st century.


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