Final Words From Gina Rossman, Our Summer Intern

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By Gina Rossman, our marketing coordinator and intern

As my internship experience of the last two months comes to an end, I think it’s time for some reflection. As Carlos says, before I can gain credibility with other people, I must be true to myself. Luckily, I was able to achieve both credibility and honesty through working on Biz-Shift this summer (I know some of my friends who spent their time filing papers can’t say the same)!

I truly believe in Biz-Shift’s mission to transform the modern workplace from one of multi-generational tension to multi-generational collaboration. I feel like when I first approach business professionals with the idea of this transformational workshop, they balk at the implication that something is wrong with them. No, Biz-Shift goes beyond the individual–it looks at workplace culture as a whole. You’re just one cog in a set of gears, but if you can change your strategy and approach to working with differing generational sets, imagine how much smoother and faster the gears can turn, yielding real business results. Biz-Shift isn’t about fixing yourself, it’s about empowering yourself to be a better boss, colleague, worker, and overall person. Once people understand that message, I see their eyes light up and their heads nodding. That epiphany is what makes my work with Biz-Shift worth every second.

However, the problem with epiphanies is that they are fleeting moments of clarity. It’s too easy to slide back into the status quo. That’s why my time with Biz-Shift has been spent not only on spreading the message but also convincing people to commit to the possibility of a new reality. Procrastination, I’ve discovered, is a business professional’s worst enemy. It goes by many names: “needing time to think,” “needing to talk to [insert name here],” “needing to get something else done first.” Those are excuses, and they get in the way of what they really need to do: register to attend Biz-Shift. Once the first hurdle of understanding is overcome, people must overcome the hurdle of fearing commitment. It’s not enough to believe in transforming your business strategy–you have to dedicate yourself to transforming your business strategy, too.

I’ve seen the vision and experienced the passion of the three coaches (Carlos, Rita, and Allyn) of Biz-Shift, and that dual combination of belief and dedication is powerful. It’s available to any business professional in South Florida who commits to registering to Biz-Shift. My final word of advice: get on board before you miss your chance for a happier, more successful business career.


One thought on “Final Words From Gina Rossman, Our Summer Intern

    Carlos Pundik said:
    August 11, 2014 at 2:20 am

    Congratulations and Thank You Gina Rossman for your hard work and dedication this summer. You are our inspiration and motivation to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel where Biz-Shift is headed! You fully embraced the concept that re-invention is not only a good idea but something that you step into with a commitment to create a bigger better future for yourself and for your work. Thank you for your willingness to give so much of yourself in support of making Biz-Shift a unique and extraordinary one of a kind experience for all of those who have the courage and vision to step in as you have to reinvent their strategy! We will see you at Biz-Shift!

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